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Plesiosaur iz 1977?
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Category: My articles | Added by: Alan (06.09.2010) | Author: Alen Prstec E W
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yeah Jimmie, I've been having a lltite out of body lately, feeling like the world is not quite like I like it, or used to know it, or maybe how it likes me. So there seem to be more and more things that seem to be unexplained, disturbing, downright disruptive, and I am feeling more and more like everyone is walking past the GREAT ANOMALY like they can't see it and there it is.Throbbing on the pavement, next to the lady on the bus, in at the chemist waiting for the prescription, floating alongside and brushing my leg, glimpsed in the rearview, just close but hard to really focus on.Like you know the word but have forgotten quite how to say it, or what it really means. And being offkey or unsettled way beyond my comfortzone sometimes makes me wakeup to how else we can assume that everything is all familiar, known, understood.So how is it that I am feeling more like some creature, out of my depths, not recognised or even seen, maybe some rebus crumbs of protologic imagery tells it how it is Maybe it is just a corner of the mystery breaking through.Time to go for a nervous surf.

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